Live Stream & or Multi Video Recording

Live Streaming & or Multi Camera Recording

Live Streaming Services for Weddings 1 to 4 x fixed position camera & tripod.

1 to 2 x Professional Camera Operator.

Broadcast to a single destination, Facebook, Youtube etc.

We use our own internet connection to broadcast. (Subject to suitable 4G being available).

Suitable for both church weddings and registry offices.

Setup time depends on event type and location.

Unlimited online viewers .

Streamed video available for you to download. ​

Hard recording also available



Internal / Wireless / Wired Microphones Available

Up to 4 Highly Professional Cameras/Tripod


Internal / Wireless / Wired Microphones Available

Up to 4 Highly Professional Cameras / Tripod

Wedding / Party

Internal / Wireless / Wired Microphones Available

Up to 4 Highly Professional Cameras / Tripod

Why Should You Use Our Service?

While it is absolutely possible to stream to social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube for free, they do come with a series of downfalls that are important to be aware of when live-streaming such a monumental occasion. Our Stream a Wedding Yourself service is designed to solve those issues.

1. Owning your content

When you live stream to Facebook or Youtube you are signing over your rights to the video. They will technically hold the right to publish, deny publishing, remove your live-stream or use it elsewhere.

As far as we are concerned, your stream belongs to you to do with as you please. We’re just here to help you make the most of it!

2. Knowing what is allowed?

Your wedding live-stream will be subject to the social network’s terms and conditions, meaning that they could choose to interrupt the stream or deny you access.

3. A service Designed for you

Incorrect privacy settings could allow people you do not know to access your wedding stream.

All of bespoke our pages are totally private, only accessible if you have the unique link. We can also add password-protection at your request.

Alternatively, we can stream to your social media account if you want!

4. Understanding what you need

We’re here to support you in ensuring everything runs smoothly and is stress-free. All you need to be able to stream is:

We’ll then send you a simple and easy to follow guide so you can have everything tested and ready in plenty of time.

5. Knowing the rules

If the platform’s software recognises the use of any copyrighted music during the wedding, the stream could be muted by the platform or even stopped altogether. This is often done with little to no warning.

If you’re having the ceremony in a church it is also recommended that you check they hold a CCLI license.

6. Easy

Live-streaming is inherently complicated and it can easily go wrong. We are here to simplify the whole process and make it as easy to understand as we can. Our team is here to support you.

Our Professional Live Stream Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate, Charity, Conference etc Include

Single or multi camera set-up.


HD cameras.


Private viewing link in advance *

Unlimited virtual guests.

copy of your live stream video.

Many options available options.

Event Live Streaming Services Tailored For You

Whatever event you’re planning to live stream, we can help


Take your conference global with broadcast-quality live streaming services, and come away with event footage to share with your team and audience

Internal Communications & Strategy

International workforce? Live stream your internal events to unite your employees around the world and come away with event footage for repeat viewing.

Award Ceremonies

Share the celebration far and wide with broadcast-quality live streaming direct to your website, event platform, or social media channel.

Brand Activation

Maximise the impact of your brand or product launch campaign by sharing your content across multiple comms channels to reach your audiences in real-time.

Red Carpets & Parties

Bring your online audience to the party and live stream your event and all the action with our live stream services, for real-time engagement.

Live Music & Sport

Reach wider audiences in real-time with multi-camera live streaming of your event straight to a venue screen or website.

and so much more.